Moan-a – Moan Island 03 (Moana) – Chesare

HQ parody of the movie: “Moana: A Sea of Adventures”. All the women on the island are forbidden to leave because of a legend (or not) that says if the Mau Pau god fucks them, they will never be able to return to the island. Moana, a very hot brunette, for being very adventurous, has the desire to go explore other islands, and is willing to even face this legend if need be. Second part of the comic book “Moan Island”. Moana is still behind the Mau Pau God. This time, she believes he has appeared again, and is determined to defeat him, but in fact, that is not quite, what happens. Third part of Moan’s adventure. This time, she receives the help of a very hot (and known) red mermaid to get to the Island of God Pau.


Category: Adult Comics, Moana